Dual Energy CT SiC High Voltage Generator
Highlights SPEC

Capable of achieving high-speed transient switching of kV, ultra-low distributed capacitance, and ultra-high frequency power conversion, supporting dual energy imaging, empowering a green, safe, and low-dose system level imaging experience


KV high-speed transient switching, supporting dual energy imaging: Up/Down (< 300uS@200mA )Compared to the first tier foreign competitors, the transient switching speed of kV is about 100 times faster 80kV and 140kV high-speed switching, switching time<100us, supporting dual energy imaging

Silicon carbide power semiconductor devices: high frequency high common mode anti-interference drive: CMTI>100V/ns; High speed short circuit protection:<2us; SiC MOSFET chip parallel current sharing and thermal imbalance degree<5%

Ultra high frequency power conversion: 200kHz~500kHz high-frequency operation. Effectively reducing the volume of high-voltage transformers and resonant cavities. Significantly reduce the capacitance value of the output filtering capacitor

Ultra low distributed capacitor high-voltage generator: High power density low distribution capacitor packaging<10nF. Optimization modeling of high-frequency electric field to reduce distributed capacitance. Improving transient response of high-voltage output across the full power range