DHTOL On-board Aging Test System for SiC Power Semiconductor Discrete
Highlights SPEC

High Level Simulation: 100% simulation of actual working condition

Convenient: self-developed MOS crimping terminal, compatible with TO247-3&TO247-4 and no welding required

Cost-efficiency: one set of equipment can be replaced with different kits for experiment

High Reliability: working station is independent from each other with comprehensive protection

Strong adaptability: low stray inductance and strong ability with different parameters


1 main equipment plus N power cabinet units (N≤5), 2 kits per cabinet, max 10 kits

Kits: Interleaved bridgeless PFC; CLLC; BOOST; H Bridge

Continuous Power Test System for Car-grade SiC Power Semiconductor Module
Highlights SPEC

Innovative solid-state protective switch with a protection response time <2μs

Main testing circuit with stray inductance as low as 10nH

High-speed, high-frequency, high-reliability, and high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) up to 200kV/μs

Cover two and three levels SiC & Si IGBT power modules

Output phase current 800Arms, output current frequency up to 1000Hz

Production line version adopts automated design, achieving automated operation such as loading, testing, blowing, and unloading


Host cabinet + N test cabinet structure

Perform continuous current test/ overcurrent test and locked rotor test through different setups

Maximum AC current: 800Arms; MaximumDC Voltage: 1500V

Stray inductance (not includes tested modules): 14±1nH(two terminal), 8±2nH(three terminal)

High stress, high reliability SiC MOSFET modules drive with gate transient withstand voltage of 100V