Current SMU for Bipolar Degradation Test
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SMC200 is specifically designed for feature analysis and testing of power semiconductor devices, and can be widely used in testing components such as diodes, IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs, and other devices that require fast response to pulse currents and high-speed accurate voltage sampling

SMC200 is a pulse type constant current power meter with a single board output current of 200A. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, wide output current range, and steep pulse edges. At the same time, the current source supports remote voltage measurement and the number of sampling points can be configured


Output current 10mA-200A adjustable, pulse width 20us-200us adjustable, interval<200ms

Current rise time<15us

Accuracy indicators: output accuracy of 0.2%, measurement accuracy of 0.5%

Ethernet communication interface

The input power supply is single-phase AC 220V/110V AC, with an input power of 400W