Current Source for Bipolar Degradation Test
Highlights SPEC

Designed for feature analysis and test of power semiconductor devices, with controllable output module programming and support for automated testing, can be widely used for testing the high current impact resistance of various semiconductor devices. It can output triangular wave current or square wave current with a pulse width range of 50us to 10ms, and has the characteristics of high output accuracy and fast current rise time.


Output pulse width range: 50us~10ms; 5A~500A maximum pulse width 10ms, 1000A~2000A pulse width 50us

Can output triangular wave current with a pulse width range of 50us-10ms

Output accuracy: ± (1%+2A)

Maximum current rise time:<20us

Supports maximum 10ADC constant current output mode

Accuracy index: Output accuracy: 1%; Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Communication interface: Ethernet

Power supply method: 220V/110V AC