High Voltage SMU for Static Test
Highlights SPEC

The SMV350T is a SMU with high voltage (3500V) output, which combines accuracy, speed, flexibility, and ease of use, greatly improving the efficiency of R&D, production test, and reliability environment test
SMV350T is designed for the characteristic analysis and testing of high-voltage electronic and power semiconductor devices, and can be used for various static parameter testing, aging testing, and other scenarios of Si/SiC based MOSFET/IGBT


High precision voltage source combined with high-precision ammeter and voltmeter, minimum current resolution: 1fA

Highest output voltage 3500V@20mA. Multiple current measurement gears and a maximum output power of 75W

Sampling rate: 2us/24 bit current sampling; 4 us/14 bit voltage sampling

Communication interface: LAN (RJ45, Modbus TCP)

Power supply method: 220V AC

Output accuracy: 0.03%

Measurement accuracy: 0.05%