KGD Test System For SiC MOSFET
Highlights SPEC

Total solution for handler + tester

The tester integrates UniSiC iconic Edison and Maxwell series test system 

High speed and extensible handler solution with up to 1200 UPH, customized testing stations

Pogo-pin socket technology supports real high voltage, high current and high temperature test

Advanced triple-protection design with 500ns protection time

Static Test Station

Test: V(BR)DSS,IDSS, IGSS, RG(int), VGS(th), Ciss, Coss, Crss, RDS(on), VF, gfs, IDS=f(VDS), IDS=f(VGS)

Accuracy: IGS: 0.100% + 500 pA (@10nA), IDS: 0.2% ± 15mA (@300A), VGS: 0.020% + 2.4 mV (@20V ), VDS: 0.1% + 1V (@3000V), C: 0.10%

Performance: up to 3500V, 300A

Temperature range: RT to 175℃

Dynamic Test Station (including short circuit)

Test: Tdon, Tdoff, Tr, Tf, Eon, Eoff, didton, didtoff, dvdton, dvdtoff, Imax, Vmax, Tsc, Esc, Psc, Isc

Precision: IDS: 4%, VGS: 1.5%, VDS: 2%

Performance: maximum of 2000V, 3000A

Temperature: RT to 175℃

UIS Test Station


Accuracy: IDS: 2%, VGS: 1.5%, VDS: 2%

Performance: up to 2000V, 1000A

Temperature: RT to 175℃