Integrated SiC X-ray Source
Highlights SPEC

The Coolidge series silicon carbide X-ray source is a powerful, high-performance, and reliable X-ray source for oral CBCT

The product is mainly used for oral CBCT equipment. By increasing the output voltage and reducing radiation dose, it can meet the requirements of ultra large field oral CBCT equipment

The product is powered by a 220V AC power supply, and the power conversion and control module is driven and protected by high-speed silicon carbide power semiconductors

High voltage Tank is equipped with a 20 degree large target angle X-ray tube, with a maximum operating voltage of 120kV


3D dual energy low radiation imaging; 3D imaging: 8ms narrow pulse, 40 frames per second KV high-speed switching, supporting dual energy imaging; High speed kV transient response (<0.5ms), low ionizing radiation

High frequency power conversion: 300kHz -500kHz high-frequency operation; Significantly reduce the volume and distributed capacitance of high-voltage transformers; Significantly reduce the volume and capacitance value of the output filtering capacitor

High speed silicon carbide power semiconductor drive and protection: High frequency high common mode anti-interference drive: CMTI>100V/ns; High speed short circuit protection:<1us; SiC MOSFET chip parallel current sharing: uneven current degree<5%

Ultra low distributed capacitor high-voltage generator: High power density low distribution capacitor packaging; Optimization modeling of high-frequency electric field to reduce distributed capacitance; Improving transient response of high-voltage output across the full power range